Club History

Wynnum Table Tennis Association - Brief Description and History

The sport of table tennis was discovered over 100 years ago but apparently only made its presence around Wynnum in 1945-1950. Matches were conducted at such venues as the Guardian Angels Hall, Old Wynnum RSL, premises in Charlotte st and Prospect st until 1975 when the current super stadium was built in Curtis st Manly.

The current membership is over 190 members and a further 200 non-members either play, train or participate via school groups or social groups at the hall.

At present the stadium is open for table tennis matches every week night. Coaching six days a week and social play six days a week. Our full playing and training schedule is on our website.

The club has contracted an internationally accredited coach to develop, manage and conduct coaching within a very successful coaching program which has seen Wynnum Table Tennis rise to the most successful club at state championships over the last few years. Coaching is conducted 6 days a week at the facility for beginners and advanced juniors and seniors. On Thursday mornings the Special Olympics train at the hall coached by life member who has volunteered timelessly for the club.

The junior program is thriving with a couple of juniors representing Australia in recent years and a couple more promising juniors close to national level. In the recent past Queensland has lagged behind Victoria and New South Wales in terms of national level performance but the last few years through National and State representatives training at the facility and the programs installed we are closing the gap and increasing participation in the sport. School groups and senior groups also train at the hall a number of days a week.

In mid 2020 Wynnum Table Tennis hosted the inaugural South East Queensland Challenge which was designed to increase participation and competition for National and Premier level players. This tournament adds a higher level of competition never seen before in Queensland and attracted players from all over South East Queensland to the facility. Wynnum Table Tennis is communicating with the other clubs in SEQ to further develop this initiative for the betterment of the sport and participation.

In 2008 the wooden flooring at the hall was covered with a taraflex surface, dedicated sports flooring. Over the years many successful state championships have been held at this venue.

We still have players who were members when our new club facility was opened in 1975.

The club keeps a club book named ”living history” with records, photos, newspaper articles and players stats from 1967 - present time. Our living history was updated on a regular basis by life member Brian Leggett before passing it over to a new representative.

The living history book is an exceptional historical record the club is proud of.