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2021 Wynnum Open

The annual Wynnum Open table tennis competition is going to be an intense couple of days table tennis. Come and compete - there are categories for all ages and levels of players.
2021 Wynnum Open

Time & Location

October, Exact date is to announced
Wynnum Table Tennis Association, 38 Curtis St, Manly QLD 4179, Australia

About the Event


2021 Open Tournament


Entries Close: Wednesday 11 March 2021

Please note that entries will only be accepted via this online registration form



Complete this registration and a reply confirming receipt will be sent within 48 hours


Payment: Payment is required upon arrival (cash and card accepted)

Enquiries: Franck Roguiez

Phone: 0426 275 807

Referee: William Almasi



Saturday 14 March 2020  

Event 1    Men Open Singles  $15

Event 2    Women Open Singles  $15

Event 3 Men Open Doubles $10 each

Event 4 Women Open Doubles $10 each

Event 5 Mixed Open Doubles  $10 each

Event 6 < 1800 Singles $10

Event 7 < 1600 Singles $10

Event 8 Over 40 Men Singles  $10

Event 9 Over 40 Women Singles  $8

Event 10 Under 11 Singles $5

Event 11 Under 13 Boys Singles $8

Event 12 Under 13 Girls Singles    $8

Event 13 Under 15 Singles $8

Event 14 Under 18 Boys Singles $8

Event 15 Under 18 Girls Singles    $8

Event 16 Under 21 Singles  $8

Sunday 15 March 2020

Event 17 < 800 Singles $10

Event 18 < 1000 Singles $10

Event 19 < 1000 Doubles $8 each

Event 20 < 1200 Singles $10

Event 21 < 1200 Doubles $8 each

Event 22 < 1400 Singles $10

Event 23 < 1400 Doubles $8 each

Event 24  Over 50 Men Singles $10

Event 25  Over 50 Women Singles $10

Event 26 Over 60 Men Singles $10

Event 27 Over 60 Women Singles $10

Event 28 Over 70 Men Singles $10

Event 29  Over 70 Women Singles $10

TTQ Player Development Levy $2

**A TTQ Player Development levy of $2.00 will also be payable in addition to event costs. This levy is applied once per person for this tournament.**

Prize Money

  • Men’s & Women’s Open Singles: $300 Winner, $150 Runner-up, $75 Losing Semi-Finalists (if at least 20 participants).
  • < 1800 Singles: $140 Winner, $70 Runner-up, $30 Semi-Finalist (if at least 20 participants).
  • All other events: 40% of Event Entry Fees to Winner and 20% to Runner-up if 8 or more players/pairs participate. In an event where less than 8 players/pairs have entered, the event may be cancelled or only the winners receive prize money. Prize money in these events is subject to change depending upon entries.



(Lodgement of an entry will be considered as acceptance of these conditions)

1. With exceptions provided by these conditions, the tournament will be held under TTQ and ITTF rules and regulations.

2. All entrants must be appropriately registered players of an Association affiliated with TTQ and/or TTA.

3. Matches in the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals of the two Open singles events are the best of seven, 11-point games. All other matches are the best of five, 11-point games.

4. Subject to the number of entries, ‘Round-Robins’ may be played.

5. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Tournament committee.

6. Closing Date: midnight Wednesday 11 March 2020.

7. The decision of the Referee will be final on a point of law. An umpire whose decision will be final on a point of fact shall control each match.

8. All seedings, gradings and acceptance of entries are at the discretion of the Tournament Committee, using ratingscentral.com as a reference. Grading for Doubles events will be based on the average rating of the players.

9. All players are expected to be available to umpire matches.

10. Players not available to play when called upon will be liable to disqualification.

11. Players participate at their own risk and no claim for injury will be recognised.

12. Any event with fewer than four entries may, at the discretion of the Tournament Committee, be cancelled or combined with another event without prior notification.

13. Players may enter any event for which they are eligible, although players cannot enter more than one event starting at a specific time.

14. Doubles players must ensure that their partner has submitted a separate entry form. If a partner is required, write “PARTNER REQUIRED” in the space provided.

15. Entry fees are to be paid by cash or via EFTPOS on the day.

16. Bad language, offensive or unsportsmanlike behaviour or wilful damage will not be tolerated; offenders will be liable to disqualification and the cost of necessary repairs.

17. Dress regulations will be enforced including non-marking shoes. During play, caps, other head wear or accessories may only be worn with the permission of a Referee.

18. AGE LIMITS: Over 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 during 2020.

19. Under 11, 13, 15, 18 and 21 as at 1 January 2020.

20. All players are required to report to the registration window on arrival on each day they are registered for events, at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of the first event.

21. Starting times are approximate and may be adjusted.

22. The tournament committee reserves the right to alter starting times of events.

23. It is the responsibility of each player to ensure that racket coverings are attached to their racket blade with adhesives that do not contain harmful volatile solvents. Neither gluing nor re-gluing of rackets is permitted inside the playing hall.

24. DHS 3 Star 40+ Table Tennis Balls (white) will be used. The colour of shirts, shorts and skirts shall be clearly different in colour to the ball.



Saturday 14 March  

8:30    U11 Singles,                    

            U18 Boys Singles

            U18 Girls Singles       

10:00   U13 Boys Singles

            U13 Girls Singles                      

            U21 Singles                                 


11:00   O/40 Men Singles

            O/40 Women Singles


11:30   U15 Singles                 

            Mixed Open Doubles

13:00    < 1800 Singles                        

14:00    Men Open Doubles                     

             Women Open Doubles


15:00     Men Open Singles                         

              Women Open Singles

 16:00     < 1600 Singles                        


Sunday 15 March

8:30     < 1000 Doubles,

             < 1200 Doubles,

             < 1400 Doubles

10:00    < 1000 Singles

10:30    < 1400 Singles

11:00    < 800 Singles

11:30    O/60 Men Singles

             O/60 Women Singles

12:00    < 1200 Singles

13:00    O/50 Men Singles

             O/50 Women Singles

14:00    O/70 Men Singles

             O/70 Women Singles

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